S.No Event Name Date of Event link
7 Brand-a-thon 05-Nov-21 Click Here 
6 Logo Hunt 29-Oct-21 Click Here
5 Movie-Tech 08-Oct-21  Click Here
4 Trivia Quest 01-Oct-21 Click Here
3 Minute Waltz 15-Sep-21 Click Here
2 Codsule 15-Sep-21 Click Here
1 Codigo 25-Jun-21 Click Here




 S.No  Event Name  Date of Event
 3  Sudoku Master  14-Dec-21
 2  Fastest Finger First  13-Dec-21
 1  Quizzy-Buzzy  13-Dec-21

2021 Fest Events

 S.No  Event Name  Date of Event
 5  LogoHunt  22-Dec-21
4 Hack-It 22-Dec-21
3 Sudoku Master 21-Dec-21
 2  Exquizite  21-Dec-21
 1  CodeVenture  21-Dec-21