Vasireddy Venkatadri Institute of Technology (VVIT), under VVIT Guntur ACM Student Chapter conducted the event “Try-shotgun” on 25 January 2018 at 2:30PM in II IT-A in New Block.In this event, Heard it right! Try-shotgun is a three level query where they were  asked technical questions related to different fields. This event is conducted in three rounds.Choose me out: The first round will be a direct MCQ paper based round where the students are expected to answer these questions. Based on the score participants are qualified for second round.

img2                            img3

                  5 Teams are qualified for the second round.                                                                                                                   Question Displayed in Picture format

Crack-talker: It’s a kind of Buzzer round. We will have questions in the form of pictures, audios and videos. And the one who answers the first gets the point, you will have negative marking in this round.Teams are qualified for Third round.Rapid fire: The last round is a rapid fire round where participants had to answer the 10 questions in 100 seconds one by one. The team which answers maximum number of questions correctly wins the competition!This competition has keyed up the students of CSE, IT and ECE. It has got a huge response of 40 registrations from the students.A total of 30 teams participated in the competition. They were also made aware of the rules of the competition. Thereafter, the event is started.


1.Sk.Mazahar , U.L.N .Supraja -      I    Prize

2. G. Sneha ,Ch.Madhuri,G.Harika - II     Prize


ACM members successfully conducted the event

This event was organized by the members of VVIT Guntur ACM student chapter. The details of the team who worked for this event are given below.


  1. B.Bhavan - II-IT A
  2. A.Chaitanya - II-IT A.

The event ended blissfully with the appreciation of participants.

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