The chapter with its strong and impeccable action-plans is progressing ahead to achieve its primary objectives. The chapter has been very active by organizing weekly programmes on every Friday. Now the chapter is ready to organize its annual student technical fest named “SPARDHA”, for this Academic Year 2018-19.

Events at Spardha

Ooze Your Think Tank

Quizzes generally elate your wisdom, when you spontaneously respond to the queries, beating the buzzer time. This extemporise knowledge dwelling within the dwindling time shows the wisest daemon in you.

Come, show your awareness on worldly happenings in Computer Science and Information Technology concepts and prove yourself.

Find Fit and Finish

To cater you with fun, funda and feast, this event runs in three phases “to find the code segments- fit them in order-and execute to finish” the game.
The “coding-treasure” waiting…to give you techies the “execution-pleasure”.

Para Coding

Cyber World hunts coders, who are adept at multiple Programming Languages. Knowing multiple programming languages and able to write code for a task in all those languages is all about PARA-CODING. Participants are given with a program statement and are asked to write the code in C language, initially. Then they have to cast (Convert) that program into as many other programming languages as possible.

Use Pencil to Your

Design to win…. !!! Design to present…..!!! Design to show-off the best in you…!!!Design to express…. Design to portray the ideas in you……!!!!

This contest will upsurge the novelty in you to express your ideas on a given theme. This is a platform where you can use the designing tool Pencil for portraying your ideas on to the soft canvas. Come …design…and win.

All the teams will be given a theme and their requirements. The teams should come up with a design that meets all the given requirements. Designing is purely done using s tool called Pencil. Demo of the usage of the tool will be given at the venue.

Tap the Techie in You

One complete life cycle of a software development life cycle will be mocked up here in this event, to tap the techie in you.
The problem statement through deployment has to be mimicked by you for the given dummy project.
The participants are expected to perform some of the activities that a software engineer will be going through, in his/her job.